Two International Methods For Treating Painkiller Addictions Naturally

A painkiller addiction can dramatically change your life. You may face personality changes, daily changes, and struggles as you seek more pills. Once you've finally decided to turn your life around, one of the first steps to take is properly detoxing. Instead of detoxing with more types of drugs, many people addicted to painkillers decide to go through the treatment naturally. Choosing a natural method can help free your body of drugs completely and allow you to start off fresh as you go through additional emotional treatments.

While modern technology has its benefits, there are two natural treatments from around the world that have been used for numerous years to help people through withdrawals. These natural elements can still be found today and paired with professional help to successfully get you through a detox naturally. Read about each of these treatments to see what one best caters to your addiction and withdrawal needs.

Ibogaine Detox Treatment

Originally found in Western Africa, ibogaine is taken from a shrub plant and used to combat the effects of addiction and withdrawal. First explored for use in the United States in the 1960s, the substance creates multiple phases in addicts that use it. The first phase can create psychedelic visions and lasts for several hours. Through this time, a patient feels no pain and often lays in a still state while going through visions. The next stage allows a patient to relax their body and remove pains or fears associated with the addiction. During this time, detox workers may help guide you through your symptoms and help counsel you from away from the use of painkillers.

Currently, this type of treatment is not approved for in the United States. If you are interested in an ibogaine detox treatment, then you will have to find a detox center in a nearby country like Mexico. These centers have several treatment professionals that can administer and control your use of the ibogaine. Your stay at the center can last anywhere from a week to multiple months. It all depends on how bad your addiction is and your body's response to the ibogaine. A screening and application process is typically completed so you can get approval to attend one of these centers.


Another type of plant you can use for painkiller treatment is Kratom. Scientifically known as mitragyna speciosa, the plant comes from portions of Asia and is usually crushed down into a powder form for use within treatments. The natural elements of this plant can be used on a daily basis to help treat pain and pill cravings. In the powder form, the kratom can be formed into pills of their own or be mixed into a drink like water or tea. You also have the option of purchasing the kratom in leaf form. The leaves can be chewed directly to help treat your symptoms.

When taking kratom, it's important to use the guidance of a professional that understands the plants and has treated patients with it before. A professional can also help you when ordering the plants and choosing the right type for your needs. You can also use kratom when attending a detox program. This way, you can have care around the clock as your kratom is regulated and symptoms are treated. You may have the option of bringing your own kratom powder or getting it directly through the program.

Going through a natural treatment can come with many benefits. In the end, you can have a clearer mind and help yourself completely remove the symptoms that you have. Choosing between the two options depends on your personal state, how far along your addiction is, and what types of treatments work the most for your needs and your body's reactions. For more information, contact a treatment center like Mariposa Medispa

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