Essential Tips You Need To Know About Weight Loss Before Beginning A Diet And Exercise Regimen

Obesity affects at least one-third of Americans. This means that at least 78 million people around the country are struggling with their weight. Unfortunately, being overweight puts you at a higher risk for other health issues including heart disease and some forms of cancer, so you should look for ways to avoid the risks and lower your weight. If you are severely overweight and serious about beginning a weight loss program, keep in mind the following tips as you determine the best course of action.

Talk to Your Doctor Before Starting a Weight Loss Program

One of the best ways to avoid an unhealthy weight loss program is to consult with your primary care physician before you begin a diet. Americans are bombarded with misinformation about weight loss disseminated via ads for fad diets that try to convince people to engage in practices that may do more harm than good.

A typical fad diet places severe restrictions on your daily calorie intake and limits what kinds of foods you can eat. These fad diets are simply unrealistic and can prevent you from obtaining the vitamins and minerals you need. A healthy weight loss plan is generally rich in lean meats, vegetables, nuts and fruit. A physician can advise you on the proper amount of calories you need per day in order to stay healthy while on a diet.

Your doctor can also provide you with an evaluation of your current health and let you know if there are any risk factors you should be aware of when trying to lose weight. In addition, your doctor can give you an accurate Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation so you know how much body fat you have. This can help you set realistic goals for weight loss and exercise. You should also ask your doctor to give you recommendations for safe weight loss programs.

Do Not Succumb to Lose-Weight-Fast Schemes

It's important to consider that charismatic so-called diet gurus come up with the craziest schemes for weight loss, from eating baby food to stapling your ear, and scam artists will also pay celebrities to promote unhealthy weight loss gimmicks. However, as stated already, you should stay away from any lose-weight-fast scheme. And even if you have friends who claim to have lost weight from fad diets, keep in mind that every body is different. What works for your friends may not work for you.

In addition, quick weight loss plans can actually be dangerous especially if you suffer from pre-existing conditions such as diabetes. It is better to lose weight at a steady pace so the pounds stay off. With fad diets, the weight loss is usually temporary. Your goal should be to not only lose weight, but to become healthier overall.

Join a Support Group or Enroll in a Weight Loss Clinic

Once you begin your weight loss journey, it is easy to become obsessed and impatient to see results. In addition, it can be a lonely endeavor if you do not have emotional support from family and friends. You can rectify these problems by joining a support group or enrolling in a weight loss clinic in order to obtain regular encouragement and feedback about your weight loss.

When you enroll in a supervised weight loss plan, you will receive the expertise of health professionals that can tailor a regimen designed specifically for you. If you suffer from problems like high blood pressure, arthritis or diabetes, the doctors at a weight loss clinic will take those conditions into account when devising your program.

In addition, a diet devised by a weight loss clinic can help you take the guesswork out of what to eat by providing you with food and menu lists. Some clinics provide the meals so you do not have to worry about food prep.

Be Patient and Do Not Compare Yourself to Others

Remember, when you begin a healthy weight loss plan, do you best to keep in mind the realistic goals provided by your doctor or weight loss clinic experts. Try not to obsess over your weight or hang out in weight loss forums online where people are constantly obsessing over their weight.

Keep the focus on yourself and your goals, not what other people are doing. You are not in a competition; you are on a quest to improve your health.

For more information, assistance, and support, visit a weight loss clinic near you. 

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