The Gastric Weight Loss Balloon Procedure: 4 Important Questions Answered

If you have been unsuccessful in your attempt to lose a significant amount of weight, you've probably been looking for alternative methods to weight loss. You should discuss your options with your health care provider. Perhaps your doctor will suggest a technique involving a weight loss balloon from a place like Belly Balloon Texas. Sometimes referred to as a gastric weight loss balloon, this is a relatively new, non-surgical procedure that involves a temporary placement of a silicone balloon inserted into the stomach. It is intended to help patients lose weight more effectively than through diet and exercise alone. If you are hoping to learn more about this medical breakthrough in weight loss assistance, here are 4 key questions answered:

1. What Exactly is the Weight Loss Balloon and the Concept Behind It?

Many individuals struggling to lose weight do not recognize the importance of portion control and the role it plays in helping one to shed the pounds. The idea of the gastric weight loss balloon is to help the body gradually adjust to a suitable portion size, to obtain a healthier body weight. Once the device is inserted, it will limit the amount of food your stomach can hold at one time. Because you are full, you will eat less. The balloon is constructed of a soft silicone material. When inserted into the stomach, it may help you lose up to three times more weight than dieting and exercise alone.

Prior to having the technique performed, your doctor and nutritionist will help you design a diet and exercise program that will work in conjunction with the procedure. It all works together to help you maximize your weight loss and meet your goals.

2. How Is This Device Inserted? (What to Expect During the Procedure)

Many patients are relieved and pleased to know that the gastric weight loss balloon does not involve invasive surgery. This non-surgical procedure utilizes a technique known as endoscopy and places the balloon directly into your stomach, via your mouth and esophagus. Because it is non-surgical, there is no need for incisions, making the procedure non-invasive. Once inserted, the balloon expands and freely floats inside the stomach. With less room in the stomach, you will feel full and satisfied with a healthier (and smaller) amount of food. The good news is, the procedure takes a short amount of time (typically, under a half hour) and is performed on an outpatient basis.

The balloon is filled with water and silicone. What makes this procedure doable for many patients is the that it is completely reversible and temporary. At your doctor's recommendation, it may be removed at any time. Typically, removal of the device is done within six weeks or so.

3. Are There Any Side Effects to This Procedure?

After the device is placed in your stomach, you may experience nausea for a few days or even up to a week or two. You can manage these symptoms by discussing your options with your doctor. In most cases, prescription medication will control the upset stomach.

4. When Will the Device Be Removed?

Typically, after a period of about six months, your doctor will remove the gastric balloon. Maximum weight loss if often achieved halfway through this time period. At this time, you ill have adjusted to the smaller food portion size. This will make it easier for you to become accustomed to eating the proper portions on a permanent basis.

If you are seriously considering the weight loss balloon procedure, consult with your physician. He or she can determine if the technique is right for you, based on your medical history or pre-existing health issues.  

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