Five Possible Causes Of Your Agonizing Foot Pain

Your feet are one of the most important aspects of your life, if you think about it. If something goes wrong with them, how can you get around? Unfortunately, a lot of people neglect their feet unless or until there's a problem. If you're experiencing feet issues, you need fast solutions and the following information can help you find them:

1. Shoes

Sadly, some of the most stylish shoes are the most damaging to your feet, and that applies to both genders. If a shoe doesn't provide adequate support for your arches, for example, at the very least your feet will feel tired and sore by day's end. Tight shoes may eventually inflict permanent harm to your feet, particularly in the toes, which suffer the most when feet are squeezed into a container that's just not big enough. Heels, too, are culpable in many ways and the damage from them can extend from your little toe all the way up your spine.

2. Weight

Feet absorb all your weight; thus, even if you're an average size, they do a lot of work during any given day. But if you're even a few pounds overweight, those same feet are literally bearing a whole lot of extra pressure, leaving you vulnerable to everything from simple aches and pains to arch collapse and nerve damage. Ask your physician if your weight may be contributing to foot problems, then ask for help in managing your weight, if needed.

3. Arthritis

Various arthritic conditions don't spare the feet any pain, so if you've been diagnosed with a degenerative bone or joint disease, expect it to bother your feet at some point. Consider special shoes that may alleviate discomfort and support you more where you need it most and go out of your way to take extra good care of your feet.

4. Job

Some jobs are harder on the body than others, and if you're spending eight or more hours a day on your feet, particularly on hard surfaces, your feet may end up paying the ultimate price. Everyone from waitresses to college professors experiences occasional foot pain, but after years of the abuse, something is likely to give out where feet are concerned. Even those who spend the day sitting in a comfy chair may fall victim to foot problems, as poor circulation and muscle degeneration might be just as bad as your feet pounding a hard surface over and over.

5. Age

Over time, feet absorb a lot of abuse, so by the time you're reaching 40 or 50, they may begin to show it. Things like corns and bunions make walking painful or even impossible and conditions like diabetes and poor circulation leave your feet vulnerable to permanent damage. After the last birthday in your 30s, give yourself the gift of a visit to the foot doctor every year, so you can keep on top of these potentially devastating situations.

Don't let foot pain continue to the point where it interferes with your day-to-day living. Unfortunately, by then, you may be forced to stay off of your feet until they've been treated and allowed to heal, and that will probably take a lot more time than you'd like. For more information, contact local professionals like Foot & Ankle Care Center PA.

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