Are Walk in Tubs for Elderly Loved Ones Useful?

Does your elderly loved one constantly have a hard time when taking a shower or bath? He or she may not be able to stand for long periods of time, thus making it challenging enough for them to attempt to stand in the shower long enough to wash their body. However, the tub may be too close to the floor, causing them to have to strain their body just to sit in it.

If you are looking for a way to help your loved one, consider getting a walk in tub installed for them.

How Does it Come in Handy?

Unlike a traditional bathtub, the walk in tub was made to offer the utmost comfort to those who truly need it, such as elderly individuals and people who have disabilities that make it harder for them to move around. These tubs may come with the following features installed for added convenience:

  • Safety bars
  • Soothing jets
  • Comfortable seats
  • Shower and bath option

The safety bars will give your loved one something to hold onto while stepping into the tub. It will be much easier to get into a walk in tub by simply opening up the small door and stepping right inside of it instead of lifting a leg over the outside of the tub just to get in the water. The soothing jets may come in handy for your loved one who may want to sit down in the tub while relaxing, especially if he or she has arthritis.

The comfortable seat makes it easy for individuals to sit down as they are bathing or even showering rather than standing on their feet the entire time. Most importantly, your elderly loved one can decide whether they would like to sit down and bathe or sit down while using the shower head to clean their body.

Is it Worth the Investment?

You will need to have the old bathtub replaced with the new walk in tub, which is going to cost some money. However, there are a few fantastic reasons to consider making such an investment.

You may feel more at ease knowing your loved one can take a bath or shower on his or her own without getting hurt because this option is designed to increase comfort while preventing injuries. And, your loved one can enjoy taking baths and showers again because he or she will not have to worry about slipping, falling down or experiencing pain as a result of standing for far too long.

Walk in tubs are convenient and helpful for elderly people as well as those who have a hard time getting around. Your elderly relative may feel more independent using this kind of tub in their home, especially if they no longer need help with bathing because of it.

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