Tips For Maintaining Limb Strength While Using A Lift Chair

If you need a lift chair in order to get around your house, you likely appreciate the fact that you can easily navigate your world without having as many concerns about falling. However, you also might be worried that you are going to lose strength in your limbs because you won't be using them as much. This is common for any medical device that affects mobility. Thankfully, the advantages of using a lift chair outweigh this issue. Here are some tips for alleviating your worries about losing limb strength while using a lift chair.

1. Practice Tightening Your Core While Riding the Chair

The first thing that you should do is work your way up to using perfect posture whenever you are using the left chair. This requires a decent amount of core strength. If you set your lift chair so that it will help support perfect posture, you can work on your core muscles and gradually work your way up to using your core muscles entirely while you are sitting on the chair. If you are consistent about working these muscles, your lift chair can actually help you improve these muscles far beyond what you might have achieved otherwise due to this ability to provide varying levels of support.

2. Engage in Light Weight Bearing Exercises

Go to a gym that has personal trainers that specialize in working with older people. Go to three or four sessions so that you can get a feel for all of the different weight exercises that you should be doing to work all of the parts of your body that you want to stay strong. Your personal trainer can put together an exercise plan that will allow you to use your body weight or light dumbbells to keep your strength up. You can either go to the gym to do these exercises or purchase the equipment to use at home. If you can, spend time each day doing some light walking to help stay as mobile as possible.

3. Tense and Release Your Muscles When Sitting or Lying Down

Finally, whenever you are sitting or lying down, keep your muscles at a low level of activity by tensing them up and then releasing them. Try to hit all of the muscle groups each time that you ride your lift chair. Having this regular reminder will help you keep your muscles strong.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in lift chairs.

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