Effective Tools For Staging An Intervention

Interventions are an effective tool for friends and family members of someone suffering from substance abuse. The goal is to highlight your concerns in hope that it will lead the individual to consider treatment. However, this is only the outcome when careful planning takes place. Knowing how and when to stage an intervention will have an influence on just how successful your efforts are.

Ensure They're Not Under the Influence

When you see your loved one under the influence, your emotions could drive you to think that it's the perfect time to have an intervention. As pure as your intentions are, you're simply wasting your time. When someone is high or drunk, their mental and emotional state will be altered.

In some instances they literally won't be able to hear you, and in other instances they simply aren't listening. They may even react aggressively or violently towards you, which will only lead to even more problems. It's best to wait.  

Leave Judgment at the Door

For a successful intervention, you must leave judgment at the door. An intervention should be more about the substance abuser than it is about you and how their actions make you feel. If you're telling them something like their actions are hurting you or that they're tossing their life away, a wall may immediately go up, meaning they won't listen to you.

You can convey the same messages by simply saying that you want them to lead a happier life and see them healthy. In order for the intervention to work every participant must have this same mindset.  

Create a Relaxing Environment

The time to stage an intervention is not the moment the individual is walking into the door from work or someone else. If they aren't in a good mood, they may simply walk right back out the door. It's a good idea to create a relaxing environment and find the right moment.  

For instance, if the person works, wait until a Sunday afternoon when they're relaxing at home. Catching a person in this type of atmosphere will likely lead to a less volatile conversation and they may be less likely to walk out and leave.

Help is there when you need it. Substance abuse counselors and treatment professionals aren't just there for the individual directly dealing with the issue. They can also provide assistance to friends and family. Don't be ashamed to get help when you need it. For more information, contact local professionals like Bridgeway Recovery Services Inc.

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