Vaccines That Your Dog Needs Before Boarding

If you need to board your dog, then you may need to have your dog immunized beforehand. This is done for the health of your canine as well as other pets that will also be boarded in the facility. If you want to get the jump on the situation, then keep reading to learn about the vaccines that are almost always required and what they protect against.


If your dog is up to date on immunizations, then you may be surprised to hear that a recent Bordetella vaccine is likely still required. This vaccine is one of the most important because it protects your dog from tracheobronchitis. This infection is a bacterial one caused by the microorganism Bordetella bronchiseptica. This bacteria infects the lungs and leads to a dangerous upper respiratory infection commonly called "kennel cough."

You may have heard that "kennel cough" is due to a virus. It is true that a separate and contagious virus can cause the ailment. However, there is, unfortunately, no vaccine against the viral contagion. The viral contagion is only likely to cause mild cold-like symptoms, where the bacterial infection is far more serious. Even with antibiotic treatments, the infection can cause death in some healthy dogs. 

Bordetella vaccines only last between about six to twelve months, so a booster is needed if your dog has not received the immunization within the last few months. You should know that the first immunization does take some time to work, so if your canine is young, then you will need to schedule the vaccine about two weeks before your dog is to be boarded.


DHPP is another important and required vaccine that protects your dog from four different ailments. These include distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus. All of these illnesses are viral and can cause severe symptoms. Distemper is a virus that affects the lungs and can create poor function within the brain and spinal column. If these parts of the body are affected, then your dog can die. Hepatitis causes liver inflammation and poor function of the organ. Parainfluenza is a respiratory illness that is similar to the viral infection that causes "kennel cough". Parvovirus is an intestinal disease that causes vomiting and diarrhea. 

The DHPP vaccine does last between about one and three years, so speak with your veterinarian to see if a booster is required before boarding. Keep in mind that a DAPP vaccine may have been provided instead that protects your canine from adenovirus. This does offer similar protection to hepatitis and general liver ailments as the DHPP vaccine. 

Contact a vet office like All Pets Hospital Ltd for more information and assistance. 

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