Three Reasons To Book A Breast Reduction Consultation

If you're experiencing issues that make you wish for smaller breasts, your first step is to find a local cosmetic surgery clinic and schedule a consultation appointment. You'll have an opportunity to speak to a surgeon to learn the ins and outs of breast reduction surgery, which can help you to identify whether such a procedure might be right for you. The cosmetic surgeon can also look at the size and shape of your breasts and discuss to what degree they can be reduced. Some clinics can even take photos of your body and digitally show you how you'd appear following a reduction. Here are three reasons that you might want a breast reduction.

You Have A Sore Back

A common reason that women with large breasts have reduction surgery is that the weight of their breasts is contributing to back pain. D-cup breasts can often weigh as much as 23 pounds, and if your breasts are even larger they'll weigh even more. Carrying this weight on your chest day in and day out can put a strain on your back. Perhaps you've sought care for your sore back, and your family doctor or a local chiropractor has told you that your discomfort is largely a result of the size of your breasts.

You're Embarrassed About Your Figure

While many women with large breasts are happy with their figure, this isn't always the case. Some women whose breasts are exceedingly large can be embarrassed about how they look. When your breasts are well above average size, you may feel as though people notice this trait about you quickly, which may make you feel self-conscious. When you're nude and with a partner, you may also feel shy about your figure, especially if your breasts hang lower than you might like.

Your Bras Are Causing Pain

When your breasts are above-average-sized, it can often be a challenge to find a bra that fits you — and you may end up spending more money on bras than you'd like. Another concern is that your bras may cause you pain. In order to provide the necessary amount of support for large breasts, large bras tend to be very tight. This means that the straps around your back and over your shoulders will likely dig into your skin and may bother you throughout the day. You may long to remove your bra when you get home, but also be self-conscious about your figure without a bra.

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