Are You An RN And Need To Increase Your Nursing Staff? Two Types Of Staffing Available

If you are an RN and you need to increase your nursing staff, there are different ways this can be done, two of which are listed below. This can help you determine how to best hire the nursing staff that you need to ensure your medical office/hospital runs smoothly for the patients. Below is more information about this to help you get started.

Centralized Staffing

With centralized staffing, one department in your office or hospital is responsible for providing staffing for all areas where nurses are needed. This department is part of the human resources department. The person hiring in the department is responsible for recruiting staffing, doing professional background checks, and determining the education of the person being interviewed.

This department sets the process for advertising for positions open. For example, the person may choose to advertise nursing recruitment positions online. The department also sets up the application process. For example, the potential clients may need to submit an application online first. This will give the hiring department a chance to weed out candidates that do not have the right experience and/or qualifications.

The department will also determine how the interviews are conducted. This may be a doctor in the medical office/hospital interviewing the potential employee or other staffing candidate. Supervisor RNs may also conduct the interviews.

Decentralized Staffing

With decentralized staffing, instead of using an entire department, only one person, which is generally a manager, is responsible for all aspects of the hiring process. The manager can conduct the interviews any way they choose, including asking help of other departments/managers.

The manager may suggest an employee of the Human Resources department do the first set of interviews to determine the background and education of potential candidates. The main staffing person can then look through these interviews and determine who will move forward in the interviewing process. During the next set of interviews, the potential employee may meet with a senior LPN or RN, and then there may be a panel of people that interview the person.

The manager can control the entire interviewing process if they choose. For example, they can choose what interview questions to ask the candidate.

To make things easier, many hospital/medical offices hire a staffing agency to do all the work for them. This agency will check the background and education of each candidate and only send candidates that are experienced for the position they are interviewing for.

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