Cornea Surgery Questions And Answers For New Patients

Eye patients that are suffering from serious problems will often be uninformed about the treatments and procedures that can be used to address these problems. In particular, the cornea can be one part of the eye that is most vulnerable to being injured or damaged, which can require prompt treatment in order to save the patient's eyesight.

Will Your Cornea Transplant Be Artificial?

It is common for damaged corneas to need to be replaced. Patients might first assume that their new cornea will be artificial. However, the replacement cornea will actually come from donor tissue. Patients might worry that there is a chance of the body rejecting the new cornea, but this would be extremely rare. Due to the difficulties of transporting this tissue to the surgical center, you will need for your eye surgeon and the donor bank to work together to ensure the donor tissue is ready when you are scheduled for this surgery.

Will You Need A Hospital Stay For Your Cornea Surgery?

One common assumption about undergoing cornea surgery is that it will require a lengthy hospital stay. However, cornea surgery is actually a fairly short procedure that may take no longer than a few hours to complete. Furthermore, this is considered an outpatient procedure, and patients will be able to return to their homes after this recovery. It will be necessary to return for evaluations to make sure that the recovery is going as anticipated. Some patients can be prone to developing infections or other complications, and quickly diagnosing and treating these problems will prevent them from hindering your overall recovery. Considering the importance of recovering your eyesight as quickly as possible, the inconvenience of these follow-up visits should not be something that discourages you from attending them.

How Much Pain Will You Experience From The Cornea Surgery?

Patients that are scheduled to undergo cornea surgery can expect mild to moderate pain and discomfort. This will typically occur in the hours and the first day or two after the procedure. The pain that patients experience is usually able to be effectively managed with store-bought pain medications. Additionally, there may be some light sensitivity during this recovery, which can make it wise to have a pair of sunglasses readily available. While the most intense of these symptoms will occur during the first couple of days after the procedure, patients may experience light sensitivity for several weeks after this procedure as it can take the eyes some time to fully adjust to the new corneas.

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