How Memory Care Facilities Help With Aggression Triggered By Dementia

Taking care of an elderly parent with dementia is almost always a challenge, as they begin to lose various capabilities and strengths that they once possessed. Even worse, many individuals with dementia even become aggressive towards loved ones trying to provide them care. When this happens, a memory care facility for dementia treatment may be necessary to avoid unnecessary violence.

Dementia and Aggression Are Unfortunately Not Uncommon

Dementia is a disease that can change the way a person behaves in often unexpected ways. For example, an older parent who had a calm and relaxed personality with little anger issues may suddenly become very impatient and even aggressive towards their child. Physical violence is not uncommon because those with dementia may struggle to articulate what is bothering them as a person.

For the adult children of a parent who has suddenly become aggressive due to dementia, this situation can be very hard to tolerate. They may find themselves with bruises on their body, strained muscles from trying to calm their loved one, and frayed nerves that just won't calm. And while it is a hard choice, it may be necessary for their parent to be sorted into a memory care facility to handle their behavior.

Ways Memory Care May Help

Memory care facilities are staffed with medical professionals who understand the various treatment methods needed to manage dementia. For instance, they understand how to deescalate an extreme anger situation and can calm down someone who is struggling to handle their emotional cues. Just as importantly, they can provide various types of care that may help to decrease a person's anger.

For instance, they may understand better how to spot triggers for anger in a person with dementia and to avoid them, such as making a bed wrong or talking in a way that makes a person feel agitated. Just as crucially, these professionals can provide hands-on care for those with dementia, such as helping them get dressed or cleaned, if they can no longer handle these important day-to-day duties.

And these centers can also provide care that boosts a person's capabilities as much as possible. For example, various types of physical therapy and language assessment can help a person who is struggling to relearn various skills. Thankfully, a large number of memory care facilities are available that can provide high-quality care that takes a person's needs into account on a high level.

To learn more about dementia care, contact a local memory care facility.

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