The Road To Recovery: The Importance Of Therapy When Overcoming Addiction

Successfully overcoming drug addiction and maintaining long term sobriety can be a struggle for many addicts. The inclusion of mental health counseling as part of an addict's road to recovery can greatly help to improve their chances of conquering this disease. Taking a closer look at the benefits of counseling can help you to better understand why it is so important to include this vital service in your treatment or the treatment of a loved one who is struggling to kick a drug habit once and for all.

Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Individuals do not simply wake up one day and decide to become drug addicts. However, in many cases, individuals may not be fully aware of what causes them turn to drugs as a means of coping with life. This is because for many people, drug addiction is a disease that progresses in severity over time. Therefore, it can be extremely difficult to point to a singular event or trauma that is at the root of their decision to use narcotics. 

Including counseling in an addict's treatment plan will allow them to explore past events that have impacted their ability to cope with day to day life when they are sober. Identifying these issues can allow the addict to address unresolved feelings and focus on learning healthy coping strategies for their specific issues. In the long term, this can help to minimize the chances of a relapse. 

Dual Diagnosis

While medical professionals agree that drug addiction is in fact a disease, it is important to note that addiction can also be viewed as a symptom of another disease. This is because often times people with underlying mental health issues will turn to drugs or alcohol as a means of self-medicating. In some cases, these individuals may not be aware that they are self-medicating because they were never formally diagnosed with a mental illness. In other cases, while an individual may be aware that they suffer from a mental illness, a lack of proper treatment for this disorder could have ultimately led to their decision to use drugs or alcohol.

Beginning treatment for drug addiction with an evaluation by a mental health professional is the best way to determine if a dual diagnosis is appropriate. If you find that you or your loved one fall into this category, utilizing a rehabilitation program that focuses on the dual treatment of both mental illness and drug addiction will result in the best chance of successfully treating either disease. 

For more information on mental health counseling and addiction, contact a local clinic.

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