5 Tips For A Productive Doctor's Office Visit

Your primary care physician is an important resource when it comes to your well-being. Regular appointments with your doctor will help you address health concerns and stay healthy. Here are five tips that can help you have a productive trip to the doctor's office:

1. State the reason for your visit over the phone

When making a doctor's appointment, be clear about the reason for your visit. If you're making a wellness appointment, say so over the phone. If you have a specific concern or even multiple concerns, you should be clear about that as well. Letting your doctor and their staff know the reason for your visit will help them offer the appropriate care once you arrive.

2. Complete all the necessary tests before your appointment

Your doctor may want to run some preliminary tests before your appointment. For instance, taking a blood test ahead of time will allow your doctor to go over the results with you. If your doctor orders tests before your upcoming appointment, make sure to complete them all on time. This will ensure that your time and your doctor's time are not wasted.

3. Arrive at least 15 minutes early

Doctors have busy schedules and a limited amount of time to spend with each patient. In order to get the most out of your doctor's appointment, it's imperative that you show up on time. Ideally, you should arrive at least 15 minutes early. Showing up early will allow you to check in, fill out forms, and update your insurance information if you need to. If it's your first visit to a new doctor's office, you may want to arrive even earlier to give yourself time to find parking and locate the right office.

4. Bring a record of your symptoms

It's easy to forget some of your symptoms when you feel put on the spot. You can make sure you don't leave out any important information by writing it down ahead of time. Write down a list of all your symptoms and, if possible, the date and duration when they occurred. This type of list can help your doctor correctly diagnose you.

5. Avoid downplaying your concerns

Most people don't want to be seen as complainers. However, you should complain about your concerns to your doctor. Don't downplay pain or other troublesome symptoms. Your doctor can only help you when you're honest about your experiences.

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