4 Ways An Addiction Treatment Psychiatrist May Provide Help For Overcoming Your Addiction

Addiction is a complex problem that can be treated in different ways depending on what you're addicted to and why you became addicted. Sometimes, getting help from a psychiatrist is the right option to choose. Here's how an addiction treatment psychiatrist might help.

1. Treat Co-Existing Problems

If you're abusing drugs or alcohol because of an emotional or mental disorder, a psychiatrist can help. They can diagnose your condition and then find an effective way to treat or manage it. You may not even realize you have a condition that can be treated.

If you've had anxiety or depression your whole life, you may be used to the way you feel and not realize there are treatments that can help. A psychiatrist can sort out your problems and treat them so you have a better chance of ending your addiction.

2. Prescribe Medications

A psychiatrist is able to prescribe medications for your mental or emotional disorder to help get it under control. They can also prescribe medications that help you go through detox so you'll stay with your program. An addiction psychiatrist may even manage your pain medications so you learn to take them properly rather than abuse them if you can't stop them completely.

3. Provide Therapy

Talk therapy is an important part of addiction treatment. You might have sessions alone with the psychiatrist or in a group setting. Talk therapy can uncover the reasons you became dependent on or addicted to alcohol or drugs. You might be covering up emotional pain or trauma from your childhood, and these issues need to be uncovered and dealt with so they don't drive you to escape through drug abuse.

4. Manage Your Inpatient Care

You can see a psychiatrist as an outpatient or you can receive inpatient care depending on your condition and the drugs you're addicted to. It may be safer to undergo detox while you're supervised by medical personnel in a detox clinic. There are times when you might even need hospitalization for an overdose or episode you're having.

A psychiatrist can act as your medical provider when you have mental issues just like your family doctor controls your care when you have a physical illness. This ensures you get continuity of care from a medical professional familiar with your condition and treatment.

An addiction treatment psychiatrist could play an important role in your recovery by providing you with the comprehensive care you need to go through detox and giving up drugs or alcohol. They have experience from working with previous patients so they're a source of help and encouragement when you feel you're overwhelmed by your addiction. For more information, contact a company like Altium health.

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