Post-Mastectomy Bra Selection

Shopping for those first bras after a mastectomy can be challenging. If you are far enough along in your recovery that you're finally ready to buy your first post-mastectomy bras, it's important to give careful thought to your options. Choosing these bras is different from buying traditional ones because there are some unique considerations. 

Prioritize Soft Fabrics

You need soft fabric when you're choosing bras after a mastectomy. The tissue on your chest is likely to be more sensitive and delicate after surgery, so choose soft fabric to help ensure comfort and minimize the risk of irritation.

Avoid Underwire

After a mastectomy, you will not have the same tissue to support, so an underwire bra is likely to put pressure on your chest and be uncomfortable. Choose bras without any underwire to protect your delicate skin and avoid excessive pressure on your chest.

Consider Formed Bras

If you had a partial mastectomy and you're unsure about reconstruction, you might want to consider investing in a formed bra with the space for a prosthesis. That way, you can balance out your chest and your bra for overall comfort.

Skip The Thick, Rugged Seams

When you have thick, heavy seams on your bras, that can be irritating to delicate skin. Bras fit your body differently after a mastectomy, and those seams can be uncomfortable. You should choose bra styles that don't have the same thick, hard seams. Instead, opt for thinner, more supportive bra styles so that you have comfort and some support without excess pressure.

Look For More Complete Coverage

After a mastectomy, you might find that full-coverage bras are easier and more comfortable than those designed for style and cleavage. Opt for full coverage and back support instead for your own personal comfort.

Consider Adjustable Styles

If you are considering the potential for reconstruction, you might want to look for a post-mastectomy bra that is flexible in size and support. That way, you can adjust it as needed after your reconstruction as well. This ensures that the investment you make now is one that you can make the most out of for years to come. The more versatile the bras are, the easier it is to adapt them to your changing body.

Recovery after mastectomy is as much about your own self-perception as it is about fit and comfort. Consider these tips as you start exploring bra options — such as Contour Mastectomy Essentials — for your post-mastectomy body.

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