Shoulder Pain Treatment Options

If you have shoulder pain, ignoring it can make the problem much worse. It's important to figure out what's causing it, so you can figure out your next steps. When it comes to treating the pain you're experiencing, there are many things you can try. 

Here are some commonly used shoulder pain treatment options:

Physical Therapy

In many instances of shoulder pain, physical therapy is your best option. A physical therapist will create a custom exercise plan that allows you to slowly rebuild your injured shoulder. As it gets stronger, the pain you experience should start to subside. 

Pain Medications

If you're looking for fast relief for your shoulder pain, pain medications are your best option. You can either get over-the-counter pain medications, or you can visit your doctor and see if they'll prescribe you something more powerful. If your shoulder pain continues, you might have to consider a more long-term solution. 

Massage Therapy

Some causes of shoulder pain can be relieved with massage therapy. A massage therapist will be experienced in helping people with shoulder pain and can use massaging techniques to reduce your pain. This method is particularly effective for people who have shoulder pain that's caused by stiff muscles, limited mobility, or poor blood flow. 


If your shoulder pain is caused by problems with your joints, or even your spine, a chiropractor will likely be able to give you some relief. They will use special techniques to manipulate your body in a way that relieves joint pain, and pain caused by spinal issues. 


Acupuncture is a therapy that helps many people reduce their pain. By inserting small needles in specific areas of your shoulder, an acupuncture therapist can improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, etc., and potentially reduce your pain. It's a safe and effective process, so it's worth giving it a try in addition to other treatment options. 

Topical Creams

There are many topical creams that can relieve your shoulder pain. They usually cause a numbing effect that makes you feel less of the pain you're experiencing. Some topical creams also help reduce inflammation that could be causing your shoulder pain. 


In some cases, shoulder pain is caused by more serious problems that can only be fixed with surgery. When you have long-term pain, it's vital that you see your doctor so they can get to the root of the problem. If they discover a problem that requires surgery to repair, it will likely fix any pain you're experiencing. 

For more info about shoulder pain treatments, contact a local company. 

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